Collecting Stories of Kindness

March 17 2020 – Hillary O'Modhrain

Collecting Stories of Kindness

Collecting Stories of Kindness

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We aren’t ignoring going to ignore the hard parts, but what if we started paying extra close attention to hope in the midst of these difficult and confusing times. While it is easy to see the hard, what we started looking for hope. Even more than that, what if we started becoming the hope for others. 

Let's Collect Stories of Kindness

In the next few weeks, we are going to start collecting and sharing stories of kindness to inspire and encourage us all as we love more in a time of uncertainty. 

Here is our first story.


"I had to fly back home from school and just got off the plane. There were only 32 people on my flight and the flight attendants changed everyone’s seat location to make sure everyone had space around them! Also, the flight attendants were being SO sweet to this elderly man who was on the plane, they came and checked on him multiple times to make sure he was hydrated on the flight and so he didn’t have to get up throughout the flight and touch more things." 

Fort Worth, TX



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