How to be the Best. Gift. Giver. Ever.

May 12 2021 – Hillary O'Modhrain

How to be the Best. Gift. Giver. Ever.

How to be the Best. Gift. Giver. Ever.

We believe that while our jewelry shines, it’s intended to make your stories and the stories of your loved ones shine BRIGHTER. Here are some ideas to help you treat someone to the perfect gift they will treasure for years to come.

Make it Meaningful with Metal
Have you noticed if your loved one prefers gold? Sterling silver? Brass? Do they love mixing metals? Pick their favorite as the perfect backdrop to their personalized message.
Pick Their Piece
Is she a ring gal? Necklace lover? Bracelet stacker? Choose from our selection of personalized jewelry she’s sure to cherish.
Spell it Out
Include a one-of-a-kind message to your loved one on their jewelry piece. At a loss of what to write? We’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas that they’ll be sure to love!
~ Write down affirmations to your loved one so they can look down at your encouragement on the daily.
~ Is she a goal oriented person? Write down their aspirations or goals they’re shared with you for the month, year, or decade even!
~ Summarize these into a short word or phrase to serve as a sweet reminder for them.
~ Want something more unique than personalizing their piece with initials or names? Use their childhood nickname for a playful and meaningful touch.
~ Customize it with a line from their favorite song.
~ Are they more of a book person? Pick a phrase from their favorite book instead.
~ You can’t go wrong with including their special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, or important milestones.
~ Does she play things close to her chest? Try engraving your message on the inside of their jewelry as a discreet way for her to wear your message every day.
How are you going to personalize your next gift?! We can’t wait to see all these stories on display!!



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