Let's Live It Well

March 17 2020 – Hillary O'Modhrain

Let's Live It Well

Let's Live It Well

We're Living History
Let's Live It Well.

Amidst the craziness that we are living in, we wanted to temporarily change a few things over here at Our Spare Change.

1. Collecting Stories of Kindness

Life is hard and confusing right now. We are hearing about the fear and frustration around us through all channels so we decided to collect stories of kindness. This is in no way trying to make light of the hard situation our world is in, but instead to spread hope and inspire kindness. In response to CoronaVirus, we have seen and heard unbelievably inspirational stories of people acting out in love and we wanted to give you a place to share them with us so that we can share them with the world. 


2. Send Kindness

Because many people in America are no longer allowed to interact in person, we wanted to find a way to spread love without personal contact. Through the next couple of weeks, we are going to work extra hard to shorten our production times to 2-3 business days as well as send your messages with jewelry to friends and family. On each custom product, there is a place for you to write in the word or phrase you would like on your jewelry as well as a place to write in a message. This message will be sent with your order as a way to spread encouragement, hope, and kindness. 


3. Sharing Stories of Kindness

As well as collecting stories of kindness, we will be sharing these stories on all channels - website, blog, and Instagram. Follow along and share these stories with others as we inspire hope in a time of confusion and fear.


4. Words of Hope Collection

We have chosen five phrases that will be engraved on our brass cuffs as a way to inspire and encourage you! 15% of all the proceeds from these cuffs will be given to single moms in our community. We have noticed the effects of this time as proving difficult for them as schools, work, and childcare are primarily closed. 



We are doing our best to navigate through this confusing time and hope that this can inspire just a bit more love during this time. 


Hillary + Danielle



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