Hope For Small Businesses

March 19 2020 – Hillary O'Modhrain

Hope For Small Businesses

Hope For Small Businesses

It does not come with much surprise that this is a scary time for non-essential small businesses. The uncertainty of our economy mixed with the required closing of physical stores brings fear and confusion to many small business owners and entrepreneurs. Witnessing stories of kindness in the midst of it all brings encouragement and hope (and a huge smile to our faces). 

Below are just a few ways to support small businesses during this time. 

1. Reschedule your appointments and possibly even pay for when your appointment was supposed to be even though you have to push back the actual service. 

2. Buy take out from your favorite coffee shops and restaurants that offer that option. 

3. Buy gift cards to physical stores that have had to close. 

4. Keep buying products from stores that have an online option. 

5. Post and share your favorite businesses online. 

Comment below to send over ever any additional ideas!
We love ya. 

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