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San Onofre Capsule

Our New San O Collection is full of bold statement pieces with a little bit of edge to them. To us, this represents the grit of our childhood~ scraped knees from biking around town, dirty nails from playing in the yard, and callused feet from hot summer sand. These pieces, like our rough and tumble days of the past, are durable, sturdy, and strong; designed to never come off. Yet there’s a touch of femininity, a blend between our two different personalities growing up. There’s softness to them, with delicate details woven behind each statement piece. And with this tenderness, these pieces are gentle enough to hold our memories of the past. Our heart behind this collection is to bring you back to your roots, with the simplicity, grit, and boldness of childhood, and to remind you to cherish those memories that may have been forgotten along the way.

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