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    Handcrafted Jewelry Created To Tell Your Story

Handmade With Love

Created To Tell Your Story

Each piece of jewelry we create is handcrafted with care as we design it with your story in mind.

That means no one else in the world has the same exact product as you. We believe that each one of you is made with unique passions, personalities, and quirks - just like our jewelry. We sand, hammer, solder, tumble, and hand stamp all of our pieces with care. That is why every piece takes a little longer than your average machine made jewelry store.

Whether it is a child's name or a word of empowerment, we hand make every piece of jewelry so that it is as special as the story it shares. 

customize Your Piece


Our Earrings are Handcrafted with 14k Gold and Sterling Silver. They are hypoallergenic and are made to keep in all day long.



Our Adult Skinny Cuffs and Kids Cuffs are hand cut, hammered, stamped, and polished giving them a beautifully unique and antique look.



Handcrafted with 14k Gold and Sterling Silver chain. Each pendant necklace features custom words and symbols of your choosing.


Stories can change the world.

We exist because we believe that your stories can change the world.

Why? Because stories not only shape the way we view ourselves and others, they encourage hope and faith and love. They give us a lens to see the world through someone else’s eyes and teach us to understand people that are different from anything we are used to. Stories inspire us to alter what we view as impossible, care for people and ideas in a new and passionate way, and truly begin to create change all around us.

That is why we give you the option to share you story with us when you purchase any custom product. When you share your story with us, you will receive a story from someone else around the world. 

Wear Your Word. Wear Your Story.