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Wear Your Story

Our passion is handcrafting high-quality and everyday jewelry pieces, so you can have customized heirlooms and permanent staples that will go with you wherever your story may lead.

made in san clemente, ca.

Handcrafted with Love

Each of our products is individually and uniquely handcrafted in California by women, created from high quality and long lasting materials. Our small batch production allows us to limit waste and ultimately, honor the earth. After all, if jewelry is made better, the longer you wear it, and the less you eventually throw away!

From the people
From the people
Amazing. I wear them 24/7. They’re understated enough to wear to workout and for every day errands, but are beautiful to wear out to dinner too! Durable, low-maintenance.
— Caroline
From the people
I bought the Blakely chain and I pair it with the Dottie and love it. I am not a big jewelry wearer but I wear these two ALL THE TIME. I actually never take them off. They have held up well and still look brand new. Love them both.
— Christi
From the people
Purchased skinny cuffs for some of my daughter’s friends for graduation gifts. Engraved 2022 on side. The girls loved them. Adorable! Memorable! Special! An absolute pleasure working with OSC!!
— Melissa

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From love to loss to new life, each of our pieces is a handcrafted and customizable canvas that encourages you to wear your heart on more than just your sleeve.

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Created just for you - your story on display! All our personalized pieces are lovingly hand cut, hammered, stamped, and polished with care. 

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Stay up to date on our newest collections. Each is designed and handcrafted by a local team of artisans in our San Clemente, CA office.