This Is Our Story.

Eight years ago, while attending the same college in Charleston, South Carolina, my sister and I road tripped across the country. Throughout the drive, we talked about the difficulty of buying acssesories. As two very broke college students, we wanted to wear jewelry, but were so tired of buying low quality pieces from overseas that had no special meaning or purpose (and usually broke or tarnished after a few wears). Because we couldn't find any, we decided to create our own.

By that summer, in a tiny attic in Charleston, SC, “OUR SPARE CHANGE” was born with one sole purpose - creating high-quality jewelry, by hand that could tell stories. With Danielle hammering and hand-stamping every necklace and Hillary collecting the stories behind each word engraved on these metal pieces, our tiny business began to grow. 

Throughout the years (two marriages, two cross country moves, and six little kiddos), we have grown from a team of two sisters, hammering in a Charleston attic, to a company of skilled artisans in our new workshop in Southern California.. Together, we still come to work each day with the mission that started it all: to handcraft beautiful jewelry that empowers both the “wearer” and the “maker”. We remind ourselves daily that the day we just sell jewelry as an accessory and not a way to share the stories behind them, is the day we close up shop.

Today, back in our hometown of San Clemente, CA our passion remains. We create everyday effortless jewelry pieces, customizable heirlooms and permanent staples to go with you wherever your story may lead.

We truly couldn't do this without you. Thanks for joining the Our Spare Change family.


Danielle + Hillary