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Our Story


This Is Our Story.

Back in spring of 2015, two sisters returned from a long and spontaneous road trip across the country. With only a pile of spare change left and countless stories to tell, we wanted to keep the memory of this trip alive with what we had collected.

By that summer, in a tiny attic in Charleston, SC, “OUR SPARE CHANGE” was born from the idea that high-quality, handcrafted jewelry can tell stories. With Danielle designing each piece by hand and Hillary collecting stories from all over the country, our tiny business began to grow. Throughout the years, we have grown from a team of two sisters to now a company of skilled artisans. Together, we still come to work each day with the mission that started it all: to handcraft beautiful jewelry that empowers both the “wearer” and the “maker”. We remind ourselves daily that the day we just sell jewelry as an accessory and not a way to share stories  is the day we close up shop.

We truly couldn't do this without you.


Danielle + Hillary