No matter how your story develops, we believe your story is meant to be told for a reason. Created to spark connections and spread a little extra light, our metals are tailored to hold memories that encourage you to wear your heart on more than just your sleeve. These pieces remind us that we are all connected, intertwined with shared stories of love, loss, and life.  Our artisans in San Clemente, CA handcraft jewelry that celebrates life and transcends through generations. Jewelry that shines while you shine brighter.



We exist to give a voice to your most meaningful moments, memories, and milestones. By helping you share your story with your one of a kind piece of jewelry, we truly believe you can change the world! No matter how your story develops, we believe there is reason to share. When stories are told, empathy is built, trust is formed, connection is made, and the way we see the world is shaped. And because stories are the heartbeat of our company, we read every story, respond with a handwritten card, and send stories with your orders. We’ve always said that the day we just sell jewelry as an accessory and not as a way to share stories is the day we close up shop.


We exist to handcraft beautiful jewelry that empowers both the “wearer” and the “maker” to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And while we believe people want to do good, they don't always know how…which is where our jewelry comes in! Not only does our jewelry empower the hardworking artisans in our office, it also serves as a tool for those who wear it! When you wear Our Spare Change, you’re encouraging our makers to use their God-given talents and gifts, and you’re creating an avenue to share your story while connecting to your most significant moments. 



 We exist to change the way people shop. In order to do this, we have to do things differently- changing the way we source, make, and sell each piece of jewelry. Each of our products is individually and uniquely handcrafted in California by women, created from high quality and long lasting materials. Our small batch production allows us to limit waste and ultimately, honor the earth. After all, if jewelry is made better, the longer you wear it, and the less you eventually throw away!

We recognize this change won’t happen overnight, it will take years to even see the repercussions of our actions! But you matter. The earth matters. What you wear and where you buy from truly matters. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing to partner with us in changing this world, little by little.