Our Mission


Our Spare Change is a social enterprise creating jewelry out of metals and coins as a way of storytelling, empowerment, and sustainable change. We value people and want to see communities transformed through the art of sharing untold stories and providing a tangible way for individuals to do good. We believe that every human has a story to share, has inherent dignity and worth and has the ability to create change in this world.



We exist to tell the untold stories of individuals and non-profits in communities around the world, because we believe hearing and telling stories truly makes a difference. We give individuals and organizations a voice and an opportunity to make their story known. We believe that when stories are shared, changes starts to happen.


We exist to empower people to be apart of something bigger than themselves. We believe people want to do good, but don't always know how. Our jewelry is a tool, allowing people to hear the stories of world changing people, and the encourage others to share their own story as a way of impacting others.  


We exist to change the way people view employment. We believe everybody was created to work and deserves an opportunity to do so. Therefore, our products are handmade in California and Texas by talented and hardworking artisan who have overcome challenging circumstances and long to impact others with their story. We strongly believe that each and every person’s story is God-given and integral in who they were designed to be and o not believe that there is anything in someone’s story that can disqualify them for being used by God in a work environment.

With every purchase, you are helping create work for those who may not have any without you.