The Marketing Manager will be responsible for communicating/growing the Our Spare Change brand across multiple platforms - i.e Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Email, etc. This highly organized team member will set objectives and schedules, organize and implement all marketing campaigns and deliverables, identify new e-commerce business opportunities when needed, and monitor the progress of all efforts. In addition to overseeing all marketing deliverables, the Marketing Manager will need to stay up to date on trends, working with creative consultants to conduct all Our Spare Change photoshoots and product launches, communicating with models, photographers and the Our Spare Change design team to oversee content creation and new product sales. The Marketing Manager will be responsible for leading a small team.


  • 25-35 hrs/week
  • $16-$30/hr 

*rate based upon experience level

  • Local to Southern California


  • Communicating/Growing the OSC Brand across multiple platforms 
  • Creating/overseeing a monthly schedule for all Marketing Emails, Instagram Content, Pinterest, Meta Ads, etc.
  • Creating/Overseeing all marketing deliverables to assure they are in line with the OSC brand
  • Leading a small team of creatives
  • Conducting product launches across multiple platforms 
  • Working with Creative Consultants to conduct/oversee all brand photoshoots
  • Expanding OSC Brand recognition
  • Working with and expanding our key Influencer base.
  • Traveling with the OSC team for important brand events. 
  • Evaluating all Marketing Efforts against clear  sales deliverables.

Key Skills Needed: 

  • Knowledge of Shopify, Klayvio, Instagram, Pinterest, Slack, Asana and Meta Ad Platform Preferred
  • HIGHLY Organized 
  • Up-to-date of current e-commerce and market trends
  • Hardworking, quick learner, and problem solver
  • Works well with others in a small team setting
  • Ability to remain focused in a dynamic environment

Experience Needed:

  • 2-3 years (preferred) in the e-commerce Space
  • 2-3 years (preferred)  in Marketing/Advertisement
  • Leadership Experience
  • Up-to-date Knowledge of Current Market Trends

 *We strongly believe that each and every person’s story is God-given and integral in who they were designed to be. That being said, as part of our mission, we do not believe that there is anything in someone’s story that can disqualify them for being used by God in a work environment. We believe all stories have a purpose in creating impact at Our Spare Change.

For a chance to interview, please email a resume to hillary@oursparechange.com