The Retail Lead will report to Hillary O’Modhrain, CEO and will be responsible for making sure that our customers that see us face to face at markets and in our retail shop; have clarity on products, and are given the best possible experience. The retail/market lead will also communicate closely with Hillary with strategic sales goals to maximize overall sales in the company. They will work with customers in our retail shop 15/hr a week and will be responsible for any communication and further execution dealing with Markets, Events and Pop Ups (at least one off site market or pop up per quarter). They will be responsible for all and any Permanent Jewelry Events and bookings by apt in our Retail shop. This includes working at markets, building a markets team, and preparing all materials, products and marketing needs with the operational manager and the marketing/sales manager to make sure we have everything we need for them. 



  • 25-35 hrs/week
  • $16-$24/hr 

*rate based upon experience level

  • Local to Southern California



  • Open and close the retail shop at least twice a week.
  • Work closely with Sales to make sure we are maximizing our retail footprint.
  • Work closely with our customer experience team to maximize our customers experience when in seeing us face to face
  • Work closely with Ops to make sure shelves and products are restocked on a weekly basis - placing POs with the Operations Manager 
  • Responsible to completing all POS in our retail shop
  • Send a weekly sales report to the Head of Sales, Hillary
  • Execute all custom and permanent jewelry in the retail shop and markets for our customers. 
  • Permanent Jewelry - by apt. only. Managed by Retail Lead. 
  • Find and communicate with any future markets or events we want to be involved in.
  • Prepare all operational and marketing needs for future market and events
  • Work the POS for all events involved in as well as custom jewelry on a given basis.
  • Manage and train any potential hires that help in either retail shops or markets.
  • Consistently check to ensure that all products are passing OSC quality standards.
  • Responsible for having a clear product knowledge and costing of all products in OSC.


Key Skills Needed: 

  • Leadership, Integrity, and Responsibility 
  • Highly organized and a love for people
  • Hardworking, quick learner, and problem solver
  • Works well with others in a small team setting
  • Ability to remain focused in a dynamic environment


Experience Needed:

  • Leadership Experience
  • Up-to-date Knowledge of Current Market Trends


 *We strongly believe that each and every person’s story is God-given and integral in who they were designed to be. That being said, as part of our mission, we do not believe that there is anything in someone’s story that can disqualify them for being used by God in a work environment. We believe all stories have a purpose in creating impact at Our Spare Change.

For a chance to interview, please email a resume to danielle@oursparechange.com