Richmond VA
"We are two friend who love weddings and after five years of weddings alone we came together to do weddings together this year. Little did we know that this year would be the craziest, covidiest year for weddings. But we tackled each change and challenge as a team and this ornament feels like a gold medal!"

Forestburg TX
Aunt Key
"When I was a little girl I called my cousin Kenna “Key” because I could not pronounce her name. Kenna is like a big sister to me so when I had my son we started calling her Aunt Key. The stuck and we are forever grateful to have Aunt Key."


Orem UT
The Walkers EST 2020
"Love wins in the midst of Covid-19. We got married shortly after things shut down. We snuck our families into the mountains and had the most perfect little covid wedding"


San Jose CA
"this is a gift for my close friend; we always talk about the enneagram together & she’s a hardcore three. this is my reminder to her that she is intrinsically worthy, regardless of whether or not she “achieves.”"


Georgetown TX
M & H 08.16.2020
"I was going to school in NYC and Marcos was living in my hometown in Texas. We started a long distance relationship in August 2019 and by February 2020 he was on one knee at Rockefeller center as the score from La La Land played. Although getting married in 2020 wasn’t even close to what we had planned, we still get to wake up next to each other everyday. We are so excited for our first Christmas together and this will be the first ornament we buy for ourselves!"

Seattle WA
Double Portion 2020
"We felt like God said at the beginning of the year it would be a Double Portion year. At first we thought God was being funny but we’ve gained so much more than we’ve lost over the past year. Now we see this phrase differently. It didn’t mean money or experiences but double portion in relationships, closeness of family and the culture in our home. We want to remember the word God spoke"



Newport Beach CA
"This is for my mother-in-law who is always on the go, never allowing herself to slow down and just be. This bookmark will be gifted to her along with the Alabaster Psalm book, and serve as a reminder to take a few moments each day to BE STILL."


Augusta GA
"I work in the Emergency Department. We recently lost a great friend and coworker, Matt, who was an amazing nurse in the ER. He lived life to the fullest, was the brightest light to so many and we all miss him so much. We always say, "if Matt Harley was here.." because he would have done whatever it is. He brought life to the ER. He is missed by so many of us and our ER family will never be the same. These are for our close group of friends who work together. We keep him in our hearts. The other bracelets that say "MLMATTHEW" are for his family, his mom, dad, and two sisters, it means, "more like matthew" because he was just that great. <3"


Love Makes A Family Gigi & Papa
"Gigi and Papa are two of our kids' grandparents. Our immediate and extended family is diverse in many ways through marriage, divorce, foster care and adoption. Our family is full of love and we truly believe that despite brokeness, sickness and loss, Love Makes A Family and family is EVERYTHING.."


Los Angeles CA
blaire kimball design est.2021
"i had to closed my business of 9 years in 2020 due to the pandemic, this new business fulfills me more and has been a breath of new air. beyond proud of all the crap i’ve been thru and this is a reminder"


Charleston SC
"In our wedding vows, Curtis and I promised to live together by the sea. More than a commitment to the location of our home, it set the tone for the type of abundance we wanted to weave through our daily lives. To us, the sea represents our plentiful God. Plenty of fish, plenty of sunshine, plenty of time, adventure, blessings. I tend to rush around life, and ’sea’ is the word that slows me down. So, we live our life by the sea!"


Aptos CA
This too shall pass
"This is to remind me that nothing is permanent, a bad situation will eventually end but also a good one/ a good moment. So i have to enjoy the good moments and remember the bad ones will leave too"



McCall ID
"My biological sister and I are 10 years apart and didn't grow up together. We finally met when I was 18 and have since grown closer every year. Now that I'm getting married I could not imagine doing so without her by my side! So thankful for the opportunity to know her!"


Krum TX
1 Samuel 2:1
"The story of Hannah in the Scriptures meant so much to me when I went through 7 years of infertility. I read it again and again. It gave me such hope and peace during a difficult time"


Charleston SC
"Most things in my life have felt tossed and turned like the wind but the one thing that has felt steadfast in life is Jesus and His kindness."

Riva MD
peace be still
"The song “peace be still” has brought me so much peace in my life. “Set my feet upon the sand till I’m dancing in the deep. Peace be still, you are here so it is well” I’d love the reminder of it on my wrist every day :)"


Johns Island SC
Mask Up Evangeline Skye Waters 7.3.20 Mask Off
"Our first baby girl was due June 29th, I went into early labor. Just before pushing and to our shock, my COVID test (as given by standard procedure these days upon arriving at the hospital) came back positive. Fear flooded our minds as the delivery staff suited up before I began pushing. My husband and I masked up and had a baby within 5 mins. For two weeks after she was born we were in quarantine. We could hold her without our N95s, we couldn’t kiss her or feed her. She got her first kiss 15 days after she was born. It was a scary, rough start but today we kiss her until she get frustrated with us and her baby book is adorned with our big, teal n95 masks. All she saw for the first two weeks of life here on earth."


Teryn Beal
Carlsbad CA
Let's Talk
"One of my good friends is a Speech Pathologist and she is INCREDIBLE at her job. She works for a school district, mainly working with adolescents on the autism spectrum and behavioral issues. She is so patient and considerate. So this is a fun play on words and homage to her career that changes lives!"


Joshua Watson
North Richland Hills TX
Hollis Gracie
"My wife got pregnant after years of trying. Hollis is a family name. Gracie refers to God’s grace that allowed her to become pregnant."


Jeslyn Lanier
Spartanburg SC
"My dad died a few years ago and this is the word that my mom clings to. Emmanuel, meaning God with us. He'll never leave or forsake us! I know she'll love this gift!"


Roseville CA
The Haines 2020
"Our last name. We started our family of 3, 2 months earlier than we were expecting. We had an emergency C section that resulted in our sweet boy having to spend some time in the NICU. It’s only been a week but we’ve grown as a family in so many ways. I’ve never felt so proud of a name and the strength that it carries. We’re declaring life over our baby and that this is just the beginning."


Somerville, MA
On your side
“Growing up our parents told us we had to be best friends. That was confusing because she was my sister- how could we be best friends, too? Time has taught us the power of sisterhood and growth has given us the gift of sharing ourselves with one another. If life is about connection and lifting up the people around you. I know I have someone who is forever on my side. I'm on hers, too.”


Arcadia, CA
As in heaven
“This is a christmas present for my roommate who spent time in a refugee camp working. It was a hard experience for her, but it has caused her to focus more on what it means for things to be on Earth as they are in Heaven!”


San Luis Obispo, CA
“This is my mom's name. She's never gotten to have anything with her name on it and even when people do get her stuff, they often spell it wrong. She loves to read and can never find a bookmark so I thought I'd get her one.”


Laguna Niguel, CA
“A nickname I gave a very long time ago to my now adult daughter.”


Newtownards, UK
Choose your future
My daughter was bullied by 32 people all at the same time on social media which caused her to try to commit suicide. 14 years old and out of school for a year, I continue to explain that she has her whole future ahead of her and she had choose what happens.”


Mohegan Lake, NY
Maggie's 1st Christmas 2019
“Our first baby girls first christmas. What an unreal, magical feeling.”


Huntersville, NC
“This is for our first grandchild, shepherd, who was born with TGA. He has survived four heart surgeries in his six weeks of life- he is simply amazing in all that he has been through and the milestones he continues to reach”


Lake Forest, CA
The Mundells 
“These words mean the most to me. Our first Christmas as a married couple. We finally get to be together after 7 years. Nothing could mean more. Thank you for having simple, but yet so meaningful, pieces of hardware to celebrate every occasion.”


Lake forest, CA
“For a wonderful friend, who has seen it all, and still comes out glowing on the other end. I am so proud of her.”


Castro Valley, CA
“A mama friend and I teamed up to pursue a passion project. I love this sweet reminder that we’ re chasing dreams that mean something to us.”


San Diego, CA
Our first Xmas 2019
“My boyfriend and i moved in together recently and are spending our first christmas together with our two kitties!”



Pukalani, HI
“For my mom for christmas, to always know her grandkids are close.”


Canton, GA
The brooks est. 2021
“My boyfriends sister just got engaged so we are surprising them with this”


Newport Beach, CA
No pasa nada
“I am a college student who just spent 6 months in madrid, Spain! It was such an experience and such a big part of my life! The spanish phrase “no pasa nada” translates to “no worries/there is nothing to worry about”. This phrase is a reminder to slow things down in life and reflect on what actually matters. It is also a daily reminder of the amazing times i spent in Spain!”


Harrisonburg , VA
“These bracelets will be gifts for my 8 bridesmaids who will stand with me on my wedding day! The bridesmaids will wear black dresses of their choosing, so i wanted to give each friend something similar to wear for the special day. This is a gift that will unify us, but also signify the special importance of each friendship. All of my bridesmaids are part of my story in their own unique way.”


Chico, CA
“This is a christmas gift for my sister in law who lost her mom to cancer.”


Goose Creek, SC
“My daughter is about to embark on her last semester as an undergrad student. She has to take 19 hours to finish on time and intern in a medical setting. She knows the amount of pressure that she will be under to finish so i just want to remind her to stop and breathe. She is an incredible young woman!”


Charleston, SC
THE MULLINS 3.23.2019
“This is for my soon to be brother-in-law and his wife who were married this past March!”


Charlotte, NC
“Moments of Hope church in Charlotte, NC answered the prayers that I had for my parents. My mom now lives in union with Christ and has a hunger to know the lord more and more each day. David Chadwick, the pastor at the Moments of Hope calls the people of the church hopesters. I am giving this to my mom for christmas as a reminder for her to continually pursue the lord with all her heart and to be a hopester everyday!”


Winston Salem, NC
“Getting this for my mom who just became a grandma to our sweet little girl. This is what she has chosen for her grandma name so i thought this would be a super sweet christmas gift from her granddaughter.”


Mooresville, NC
55.9 N 12.6 N
“Our summer house island where my kids got to spend every summer.”


Zuid-holland, Netherlands
Keep on shining
“In the summer of 2018 i went to an English campsite in france. We had a youth club every morning and some evenings from tuesday till saturday. We played a game and after that our youth leaders would give a talk about a topic of the bible. We could go to them to get a prayer. After a few days I really wanted to get a prayer, but I was scared to go. After doubting for about 20 minutes ago i did go to one of my leaders and she prayed for me. For the things I struggled with and had gone through. So the next week i went to get a prayer every day i could. Last summer we went to the same campsite and my leader who prayed for me was there again to be leading. I spent some time talking and praying with each other, which was truly amazing. She and another youth leader wrote to me to keep on shining and to let my light shine. So getting this phrase on a necklace is something i want so i will be reminded of it every day. For the one who is reading this shine light in the dark places. Maybe it means people you know that have mental health issues or something else. Spending time with those people is important and they appreciate it. Maybe they don't say it but don't let them fight on their own. I know it can be hard because I have a friend close to who has PTSD. Don't give up on them!’’


Garland, Tx
New Old Things
“I’m 27. I've been dating this woman for almost 5 months but i've known her since we were 12 and 13. We’ve  always had very special feelings for each other but God wasn't ready for us to truly connect yet. Here we are now. I believe that we, as humans, are the sum of all our experiences, yet constantly renewed in this moment. So, we are new old things.”


Arlington, WA
“My sister is graduating Med School in May 2020 and i wanted this to be a reminder of the courage she has had through her journey and of the courage she will continue to have as she starts her new chapter.”


Wichita, KS
Om Shanti
Om shanti translates to “om peace.” Om is said to be the sound that created the universe. It is meant to be repeated to be reminded of God’s presence and the peace and the contentment He brings. I’m gifting this to my friend for her incredible perseverance and faith in God.”


Fairfield, CT
“In this latest season, God has used a story I would have never been brave enough to choose for myself and showed me that sometimes the greatest joy is FOUND when we are drained of all misplaced hope and shallow identities. And often, losing what we think we want allows us to FIND what we truly need. The word “found” is a reminder being found by God who relentlessly pursued us!”


Charlotte, NC
“This is a gift for my sweet friend whose favorite verse is 2 Corinthians 12:5-10. We can boast in our weakness because of Christ because he alone is sufficient. She owns this in walks in a manner of confidence because of Christ who walks in her. I love you Elizabeth.”


Irvine, CA 
“I found you girls at the mermade market. I bought one for my 2 year old daughter. We love it so much. This is for my friend's daughter's birthday.”


Austin, TX
“I will be getting married in May and as a thank you to my bridesmaids, i want to give each of them a bracelet + one for myself to celebrate the day!”


Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
“Soli Deo Gloria- To the Glory of God Alone. I wanted this on a ring to remind me that everything i do should be done for the glory of God, a constant reminder that I am living for him and all of my words and actions should bring honour and glory and praise to him.”


Pleasanton, CA
“My aunt is battling cancer for the third time. In the midst, I want her to be reminded that Jesus is healer.”


Bumpass, CA
"My mom has been and is currently struggling with her reproductive health. She is in pain every single day, but continues to be the best mom to my brother and I, as well as an amazing wife to my dad. Her faith that God will provide is an example to all of us. She has some doctors appointments coming up and we are all praying that they provide answers, along with a solution. She has suffered so much, but makes it seem like everything is okay. This word represents her strength in the face of hurt and uncertainty, and her reliance on God. It's defined as the ability to withstand difficult conditions and that is the epitome of how my mom acts. I'm currently in college, so i'm not able to help her with anything at home, but my brother and father are learning to step up when she can't be on her feet anymore. I love my mom so much and we are all praying that things get better for her soon.”


Knoxville, TN
“This is a gift from my sister and I to our mom for christmas. She is mimi to both of our sons and man do they love their mimi!”


Virginia Beach, VA
“This necklace is for my wife. She is beautiful, strong, courageous, and many other things, but the word that clings to her the most is Redeemed. She has gone through alot of ups and downs through the years and is currently going through some tough times with her health. The lord is constantly showing her that she has redemption through him. This necklace will be used as a reminder that she is REDEEMED and will not be defeated.”


Shawnee, KS
“My best friend's new baby’s name!”


Arvada, CO
“These are my initials, my daughter's initials and my sons whos in heaven. I'm getting bangles for both my daughter and me.”


Three Forks, MT
Psalm 46:5
“This verse was so special to me when my daughter Stella was getting baptized. I had it engraved on a keychain for her godmother and now she can wear it as well.”


Chugiak, AK
“I have been praying for my sister to come to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior as I was 12 years old. After 13 years she has been seeking hard and fast after Jesus to find him as her Savior. I wish I could say she is a believer, but I am believing that it will be finished before I know it that the Lord will win her heart over. For Christmas she asked for New Testament Bible journals, so with the journals I am planning to give her this cuff to remind her of what he has done for her.”


Exton, PA
“I am STRONG. I have been through so much this year, and I'm still standing. Love and heartbreak, conflict, tension, anxiety all led me to live authentically. Im bi, christian, enough, and stronger than i think.”


Newport Beach, CA
Te amo
“I had the opportunity to study abroad in madrid, Spain and learned so much about the world and the different cultures. I'm so thankful i got to do this because i grew so much as a person and learned so much along the way. I also met some pretty amazing people. For that, Te amo Madrid!!”


Evansville, IN
“My little sister is a first-year kindergarten teacher. Her first day with her class she felt so overwhelmed and inadequate. I shared with her Ephesians 2:10 and reminded her that she has been equipped for this role- and i love watching her shine! I want to gift her bracelet to remind her that her father has a kindergarten teacher- and no matter how difficult the day- she has been purposed and is being supported.”


Aliso Viejo, CA
“Met you gals at the mermade market and had a cuff made for my two year old Henley. She's obsessed. I'm obsessed. She doesn't even take it off ever. So I decided I HAVE to get a matching one for my niece for christmas. Too cute and soooooo special!”


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Quinn’s Nana
“Due with our first baby due in february, this will be a gift for nana :)”


Charleston, SC
34.67 N 82.84 W
“This necklace is for my twin sister. She is graduating from Clemson this spring. The coordinates are the stadium, one of her favorite places in the entire world. She is moving away for her last semester to complete her student teaching and I know is very torn up about it. So I wanted her to have a piece of clemson as she left, reminding her it'll always be there to welcome her home!”


Saluda, SC
Co - Remember
“An ebenezer of all the Lord did in my heart and life through the campus ministry of Campus Outreach”
“This is the day i was baptized!!”


San Clemente, CA
Courtney  Chasen  Collin
"I ordered a cuff with my 4 grandchildrens names and it's my most favorite bracelet.. So I wanted a matching one with my 3 children's names !! Thank you so much :) i absolutely love wearing your bracelets and starting conversations with others about your message of empowerment...storytelling and relationships :) awesome work girls :) . XO shelley :)”


Greer, SC
Be kind
“For my mom, who always told me no matter who it was to always be kind to everyone you met no matter who it is”


Columbus, OH
" “Beep” is an inside joke that my sister and i have used for years. I don't really remember the start of it but whenever we say it we laugh so hard we cry. I love her, and now we have matching keychains to prove it.”


Kettering, OH
Zach Josh Nate
“This is a christmas gift for my future mother-in-law! She is the sweetest woman ever and I feel so blessed by God to have her in my life. She loves her children so much and i know this bracelet will mean the world to her.”


Kettering, OH
Lucas / Lincoln
“This is a gift for my YL leader collette Hauge. She is my person and is one of the reasons I know the Lord. these are the names of her two boys.”


Kettering, OH
“My sister is a new MOMMA. She is my best friend and is already an amazing mother to my niece Sutton Rae.”
Luke 15: 11-32
“My finances favorite bible verse!”


Scottsdale, AZ
“This is a gift for my mom who has been practicing yoga for a very long time! Ananda in sanskrit means bliss and happiness!”
Eyes to see
“This is based off a verse in Matthew that reminds me to be open to the everyday workings of God and keep my eyes open to what he wants me to see :)”

Marietta, GA
“In november of 2018, my friend passed away the night we were headed to leave for iceland. Her word for 2018 was joy and she dreamed of never running out of joy to give. Wearing the previous necklace- people would ask me about the word and it was so good to have a platform to talk about my friend Kelly Anne. it gave a way to remember her and rave about the joy she had. I was so sad to have lost my necklace that I would wear almost every day, thankfully I had some extra coins so I'm getting it remade.”

Marietta, GA
“Fallegur is icelandic for beautiful. My parents took me to Iceland in order to help me honor my friend who passed away and was supposed to go on the trip with me. I want to remind my mom that she is beautiful but I also want her to remember the beautiful country we saw and the beautiful people we met. No words or gift could thank them enough but this is one small way I can show her gratitude.”


Tamps, FL
Hawaii state symbol / “off the deep end”
“I have heard people described as having gone “off the deep end” and to be honest i'm not entirely sure what this means. What I have noticed is that the people who say this are almost always wading in the proverbial shallow end. From where I stand the deep end allows for plenty of adventure and has room for a lot of life to be lived. Don't be afraid to jump in!”


Greenville, SC
“Steadfast is a word that I turn to when I face trials, road blocks, and when my plans are derailed. I strive to be steadfast, no matter the situation, to trust that God is faithful and that his plan is ultimately the best. To me, steadfast means to turn to God when all else in your life seems to have failed.”
“I am customizing this word for my mom because i think it's a word that describes her perfectly. Whenever my mom goes through something tough she never fails to remain faithful to what she believes and those that she loves.”


Palatine, IL
“I have a family friend who’s husband recently passed away, I just wanted her to remember how loved and treasured she is despite her circumstances. Despite how she feels, she is loved by a God who is greater than her circumstances.”


Corona, CA
“I am in an accelerated nursing program and have become much harder on myself than I ever used to be. I have been relying on my own strength and talent to succeed. Instead, i want to be reminded daily that i am a redeemed child of God and that i cannot do any of this without him!”


Fairfield, CT
“I have a book coming out in january and the title is, From Lost to Found. It’s about God taking a story I would have never been brave enough to choose for myself and writing into it a story of redemption and hope. It's the story that taught me that sometimes the greatest joy is found when we are drained of all misplaced hope and shallow identities. And it's the story that showed me that on the far side of pain we don't prefer, we find trans we would not trade. The word, “Found” is a reminder that sometimes losing what we think we want is just the beginning of getting found by a hope that will not disappoint.”


Torrance, CA
44 03’ 38.00 N
113 27’ 13.8 W
“These are the coordinates of a cabin that is off the grid in idaho that my sister owns and it is a special place”


Condon, OR
Coram Deo
“I am a homeschool mom and this is the phrase that best speaks to our mission. It is a latin phrase that translates to “in the presence of God”. as we raise our children we strive to live this out in all we do.

San Clemente, CA
“My daughter’s name. Going back to work is going to be difficult, so i want to have a little piece of her with me all the time :)”

C Brooke 
Simpsonville, SC
“This cuff is for my wonderful sister-in-law who just had her first sweet baby, Elijah, on 9/21/19!”

Huntington Beach, CA
“Just a simple initial for my husband’s name.”


Fort Worth, TX
R F T J 
“These are my Dad’s initials. He has ALS and i am at school and i just miss him.”

Holland, MI
“These are all for my bridesmaids- my very best friends who are much more like sisters. Each word symbolizes what they uniquely bring to our friendship and what they mean to me. I could not be more excited and honored to have the most incredible, servant-hearted and spirit-led group of women by my side on my big day!”

San Clemente, CA
Better Together
“Our non-profit name...because we truly are better together.”


San Clemente, CA
Ethan . Caleb . Jack
“Our friends son passed last night I’m buying this to show her Jack is always with her”


Ladera Ranch, CA
“These are the words to describe my seven bridesmaids. It was hard to narrow down a word for each person, but i think it describes them perfectly.”


Torrance , CA
“My bad a$$ boss of a husband started his own company and just moved into his first office. ( I KNOW, he is SUCH A BIG DEAL) so obviously im celebrating him with a classy and non embarrassing keychain resin’ his company’s name. Hoping this reminds daily that he is so much greater than he can image and he can accomplish so much more than he even knows. This enneagram 3 husband of mind is going to take the world by storm and I can't wait to cheer him on as he goes. He is the greatest guy around and I couldn't be more proud to have him as my husband and follow him for the rest of our days.” “P.s. want to know why he chose towr? Because in the Bible, the tower of babel showed how quickly people's hearts attempted to be their own god and serve themselves. Preston named his company towr to remind himself that first and foremost the company was for God and His purposes. Isn't that the best ever!?!?!”


Mount Pleasant, SC
Colossians 3:2 / Philippians 4:13 / Psalm 23:1 / John 16:33 / Proverbs 31:30 / Ezekiel 11:19
“For Christmas, my bible groups always trades gifts. This year, I wanted to get them something special. With these cuffs, they will be able to carry their life verses with them!”


Cave Creek, AZ
Show must go on
“In high school I was a part of the production crew at my school's theatre. Before every show or rehearsal, all the actors and crew members would go on stage and play this song by Queen and dance and sing and stretch/do warmups to it. We’d hold the audience outside if they started to show up and we hadn't done it yet. It was such a big tradition of ours that we had specific stretches “choreographed” to go with the song and the words. (Ex. On “i'll still be turning turning turning” we’d stretch our arm across our chest, link hands with a partner, and spin in circles)

Anderson, SC
Be Still
“A reminder to pause and marvel at the beauty around us, to not let life fly by when things get busy but to be still in our days and presence with Christ.”


Mason, OH
“Sometimes i question if i am living my life correctly. The way God intended it to be. Maybe I got to where I am on accident, and I just so happen to love the life I live. However I know that I was intentionally chosen to be where I am, in the season that I am in.”


Dallas, TX
“This is the Roman numeral for “61”. For me, this represents the scripture, Isaiah 61, and that God is a God of “insteads”. Beauty instead of ashes. Joy instead of mourning. A garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. A double portion instead of shame. An inheritance instead of disgrace. This chapter serves as a constant reminder that all of my ashes, my mourning, my disparity, my shame and my disgrace, he has made new. He has instead, given me Himself and bestowed upon me an Eternal inheritance.”


Wingate, NC
“These cuffs will be bridesmaid gifts, and I obviously want one word per cuff! So excited :)”

Columbus, NC
“Wedding date”


Rancho Cucamonga, CA
“I'm so excited to be asking my bridesmaids with these cuffs and a handwritten letter of what characteristic of God they exude and have taught me over the years. Each one of these ladies has taught me more and more about Jesus just by simply being. I couldn't step into covenant without each of them.”


James Madden
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Joey & Josh
“These are our two baby boys' names! Mama is due in a few weeks.”


Fountain Hills, AZ
Gotta love it
“When i take any of my five granddaughters shopping, the rule before we buy anything is that “you gotta love it” - if you don't love it, don't buy it.”


Dana Point, CA
Bellatreas Loyal Waylon Peeta Indie
“These are my 5 kids' names. We did a booth on saturday at a market for good and found out about you through Steph. Thanks so much. I can't wait :) “


Boulder, CO
“Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.” That verse has changed my life over the past few years. One way was when I was in a season of life where I was doubting God, and doubting that he was listening to me and I had 3 people pray over me. 2 of those people at the  same time said, “Be still and know that I am God”. I right away started crying and was so overcome with emotion. Those friends had no idea that that verse was the only one I could read in the Bible and that I was already so important to me during that season of life. God knows each and everyone of us so well, and he knew that I needed that reminder of him listening and knowing me so he spoke through those 2 people.  I have “Be Still” written above my bed but I want this necklace so I can share my story with those 2 words with people and hopefully tell them about God's love! Thanks!”


St. Louis Park, MN
“My very best friend, Julia, had her first daughter and named her Mila. Julia has been my best friend ever since college and is my first friend to have a baby. After meeting Mila it’s like I love her like she’s my own! I wanted to give my best friend a gift that helps keep her daughter close to her heart at all times”


Laguna Niguel, CA
Not all who wonder are lost, but I am! 
Roody ‘Roo Roo’ (949)554-8408
“Hi there, We’re ordering this for our 7month old Aussie-doodle puppy. He loves to be leash free and wonder off, we thought we should invest in a name tag.”


Irvine, CA
"I chose the Latin word for Bold. This is for my boyfriend as he graduates college and figures out where he’s going in life as a reminder when he puts on his work clothes every morning to be bold and confident in what he does and the decisions he makes.”


Franklin, MA
“Positive Attitude Changes Everything- A motto we have coined in relationship to my dad who passed away from Kidney Cancer in July 2019. JPH is included as those are his initials. He was a huge fan of christmas and the holiday season.”


San Clemente, CA
“My sister will forever be the strongest person i know”

South Boston, MA
N + E // 9.5. 20
“Ornament for soon to be in laws getting married next September!”


San Clemente, CA
“My boyfriend’s mother’s initials who passed when he was younger! One day i hope it will be a wedding day gift so she could be with us that day.”

Folsom, CA
“My wife and I got married at the end of November and coming into our first Christmas we both agreed to get just small presents for each other. I had heard of “Our Spare Change” before and I knew she would love the mission behind what they are doing. When thinking of the word for her, I was honestly torn between a few, but “STRONG” is what seemed to resonate with me. Allie is such a strong woman and that is why I love her. I know that she can do so much and I wanted to give her something that when life gets tough and she might not feel enough, she can look down and remember that she is strong and do anything.”

San Diego, CA
Judson Edward Harrison // 10/5/19
“My bff just gave birth to her first child 2 months ago after years of struggle. So much struggle they arranged a surrogate to carry twins. Both of which are due to arrive next month! So party of 3 in 2020!! But for now we celebrate baby Judson♥️  


Mount Pleasant, SC
PROM 8.17.19
“This was our first official date after reconnecting a friendship (and now more) that stems back  38 years to 1st grade”

Oklahoma City, OK
“This is a Christmas gift for my mom. Her mom (my grandma) passed away two weeks before daughter ,Lucy, was born. We named Lucy after my grandma. I wanted to get something for my mom that hopefully will symbolize both of them and their lives. My mom was an amazing daughter to her mom & she’s an AMAZING grandma now.”

Mesa, AZ
“For my sweet mama, and “MUMSY” to her grandbabies. She loves, serves and pours herself into her family and we’re so thankful for her!”


Castle Rock, CO
“I just entered into a difficult season. My boyfriend and I broke up and the transition has been challenging. Further up is the first part of C.S Lewis quote. The quote goes, “I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is my land and i have been looking for all my life though i never knew it till now...Come further up, come further in!’’ After a breakup, I want to know there is more, something deeper and sweeter ahead for my life.”


San Clemente, CA
“My nieces initials :)”

Kansas City, MO
“This bookmark is for our mama. We choose steadfast because of her unyielding commitment to reading God’s word and being in prayer.”


Newport Beach, CA
If you love me
“If you love and I love you, no knife can cut our love in two. My mom has always said this to me, and she is going through a very hard time currently. So I want her to always remember this.”


Highland, CA
Guardian Angel
“This is for my mom. She was told by her mom that her guardian angel was always watching over her. It means so much to her and she has a strong faith that her guardian angel is there to protect her.”

“My mom has always believed that if you have faith as small as the grain of a mustard seed that God will hear you and know what is in your heart.”


“I lost both of my parents this year and a very special friend played this song for me. The word reminds me to keep following his light and I will continue to be led to the path where I belong.”

Fort Worth, TX
“It’s my nieces DOB- a gift for my sister in law!


Evans, GA
“My girlfriend is the greatest gift from God to me. I want her to know that she was first chosen by the King and second I would choose her again over and over again everyday. I love her with my entirety.” 

Longmomt, CO
“To my bestest friend and future mrs. Parker! No words are enough to express how excited I am for you two. A small and shiny reminder of the exciting things you guys have coming up in the future! Happy Holidays love, lynds”


Chino Hills, CA
“This necklace is for our mom and the initials of our family members (plus our two dogs)”


San Clemente, CA
“This is for my mom. This word is from John Wooden’s quote “Make everyday a masterpiece.” Her dad was a beloved basketball coach teacher, father, grandpa, brother, son and husband who passed away from cancer in 2011. He is my hero and my mother’s, and this quote was one that he would quote most often because John Wooden was his hero. Therefore, it is a tribute to my mom’s father, her hero.”


San Diego, CA
The Ongs // 12.12.19
“The love of my life and I will be tying the knot on December 12th. We have been through everything and then some, so we are absolutely ready to finally be one. I cannot wait to spend forever with my best friend!!!”

Winston Salem, NC
“My word for the year 2020 is grace. I aim to show grace to others through my words, by using words that are kind and gentle. I aim to show grace through my thoughts, seeking first to be compassionate above all else. I aim to show grace to myself, giving myself room to learn to fail and be okay with it and being kind with myself despite my circumstances.”

Hickory NC
"This cuff will be given to my friend Savannah who just graduated from Appalachian State University with her Bachelor’s Degree!" 

Cincinnati, OH
Chosen JAP
"This bracelet is for a 15 year old girl who is getting adopted after years in the foster care system :)"

Charleston, SC
"As long as it takes I struggle with patience, slowing down, taking rest, and the need for immediate answers. ALAT is my alternative to ASAP in this season, as a reminder that as long as it takes, the Lord is still working. As long as it takes, I will pray with confidence until He answers. Not everything has to happen right now. His timing is best."

Costa Mesa, CA
Psalms 46:5 “God is within her, she will not fail”

Hoboken, NJ
"Strauss is my maternal grandpa’s (Opa’s) last name who I was lucky enough to grow up with my entire life. He is still a huge part of my life but was recently diagnosed with cancer. I currently wear a necklace that I don’t take off from my grandma on my paternal side and want one for my Strauss side too. Mostly, I’d love for him to know I’ll carry him with me. Thanks to Our Spare Change, I’ll make that known, all while buying from a company that constantly supports other important matters despite being a small business."

Costa Mesa, Ca
"I asked my boyfriend to describe one word about our love/relationship and this is the word he picked. And I couldn’t think of a more perfect word!"

Hoffman Estates, IL
I love you more than all the blades of grass in the world 
"Ever since I was little my mom and I would go back and forth saying how much we love each other and she would always say I love you more than the number of cars that are on the street, or more than all the grains of sand on a beach. & of course my favorite 'I love you more than all the blades of grass in the world'"


Soemrville, MA
Philippians 4:7
"We talk about God's winks a lot in my family - taking the time to recognize His works in our everyday life. This passage reminds us to look to faith when we are anxious - see the winks in life and let Him bring you peace. He winked at me really big when he brought my sister into my life. She is loving, witty, strong, vulnerable, compassionate. She is my best friend."


Oceanside, CA
I love you a bushel and a peck
"As my beloved grandma, Renee turns 95 this April, we wanted to get her a meaningful gift to celebrate her and her beautiful life. Renee is a kind, loving spirit who reads almost 10 books a week! Her mind is as young as her spirit, and she is a gift to our family."


Indianapolis,  IN
"After becoming a mom 10 years ago, then foster mom four years ago, and most recently adoptive mom, I realized I have been in a season of surviving. Restore means allowing God to restore my mental, emotional, and physical self to Him, my family, and for myself."


Benbrook, TX
"Our daughter Lennon was born on December 13, 2019 and it is a good reminder of how special she and the gift of being her parents. Roman numerals make it look cool!"


Mason, OH
"It means so much in so many situations. IF you believe you can do anything!"


Littleton, CO
"My niece has decided she wants to publicly proclaim her faith and all that Jesus has done in her life by getting baptized this day! I thought it would be fun to have a necklace for her to remember this day forever. I have also heard so many great things about this company and the people behind it so I thought it was a perfect fit!"


San Clemente, CA
M + K
"M + K = Mike (husband) + Krosby (wife)"


San Jose, Ca
"Buying for my wife with our month old sons name"


Danville, PA
"These dates are my boys birthdates. We suffered many miscarriages before welcoming our two little guys into this world. I’ve been searching everywhere for a necklace like this."


Dallas TX
Give me Jesus
"At my mother's funeral (she was 100 years old) the priest asked if anyone would like to sing over the grave site. He of course looked at my sister who is an opera singer and she said "i couldn't possibly but perhaps Nancy (our cousin who also had a beautiful voice and a professional Christian singer) could. Shocked Nancy said oh, well I will try because I love Aunt Gigi (my mom) so much. She stood up and asked what she should sing and the priest said "anything you want". She thought for one minute and started singing out the song "Give me Jesus". It was incredibly beautiful and moving. So special for us."


Fort Worth, TX
"I wanted to get one for my boyfriend for Christmas and missed them so I’m super glad they’re back in stock!! CTC are his initials and I can’t wait to give it to him!"

San Diego, Ca
"This is my husband’s name, he has been a rock in my life for a long time now."


Palatine, IL
19.3363° N, 72.1164° W
"These are the coordinates of Pignon, Haiti. My mom and I's most favorite place in the world. This place holds a special place in both of our hearts. Learned to love to in a different and deeper way here. Learned to be more grateful for the things I have and not dwell in the things I don't. I've seen first hand the joy that the people hold that can only come from the Lord and it is so humbling and incredible."


Cara Lee 
Springfield, MO
"This word, Tetelestai, meaning "it is finished" in greek, means so much to me. it reminds me of the sacrifice done for me on the cross, and the joy in knowing that i dont need to carry the weight of my sin anymore."


Greenwich, CT
"This is a gift for our roommate and best friend who got baptized on this date!!!!"


Wayne, PA
"A gift for my best friend on the day of her baptism"


Chico, Ca
32°46'37.5"N 79°55'55.1"W
"We are from northern California and had planned our wedding in Charleston. These are the coordinates of courthouse where my husband and I eloped when Hurricane Florence was coming and we had to cancel our wedding."


Moreno Valley, CA
K.A. 1/63-6/18
"Hey there! I met you lovely ladies at the makers arcade in San Diego this last December and bought a necklace from your shop that I haven’t taken off since. The reason for my words on this cuff is it is my mothers initials followed by the month/year she was born and the month/year she passed. 💜"


Mount Pleasant, SC
"July 4 2019 was the first time I said I love you to my boyfriend. He’s got a great opportunity in Asheville and we’re doing distance for a while. This ring symbolizes the power of love and how true love is patient and waits for Gods timing!:



Pahrump, NV
s’adventurer sur
"This necklace is a gift for my sister's engagement. She recently got engaged in Paris, France, so I thought the French translation of "venture on" would be a lovely way to commemorate her next and best adventure into marriage!"


Austin, TX
"It started when my younger sister kept singing the song "Baby Got Back" specifically the lyrics "Oh, my god, Becky, look at her butt, it's so big" and somehow the name 'Becky' stuck and we all started to use it jokingly when talking with one another (although none of us are blessed with big butts). Overtime as we grew up and moved out for college, my mom started to sign her texts to us with LUB - 'love you becky' and it caught on so it's our special three letter word. My sister and I have both been wearing gold chain necklaces for years similar to the one my dad has had since he was 16 so we thought it was time we got something special to have with our mom as a little we love you too 'becky' surprise!"


Greenville, SC
Proverbs 27:17
"I have a friend who is with me through thick and thin - most recently she was instrumental in planning and executing a wedding for my daughter. She was encouraging, positive, selfless and the most reliable person to call on. She walks in her faith outwardly, she loves deeply and her friendship to me is the greatest gift. She truly sharpens who i am and makes me a better person. Her friendship is a gift I treasure everyday and i want to let her know what she means to me!"


Mary Jo 
Charlotte, NC
I Loff U
"Moving across the country, matching key chain with my dad :)"


Mount Airy, NC
Bear Witness
"'Bear witness' is my phrase for the year 2020. At this point it expresses my commitment to stand with the people around me offering my presence rather than advice, help, or suggestions. My desire is to discipline myself to honor everyone's story by receiving it and appreciating it."


Fort Worth, TX
Keep Moving Forward
"Graduation gift for my sister who just got her Masters! She loves to read and this quote was from a speech at her graduation."


Bourbonnais, IL
"This was my word for 2019. It means a lot to me to find joy in all circumstances and to find joy wherever the Lord led me last year."


Spout Spring, VA
Tohu wabohu
"Without firm or void. Empty. God does His best work with empty. Right now my dreams of getting pregnant and being a mom seem very empty. Struggling to conceive has been hard but I am trying to remind myself daily that “God does His best with empty”


Ladera Ranch, CA
"Every year a pick a word that represents my focus for the year. This year I want to be a warrior in prayer, faith, in how a serve students in my new chosen profession, and my physical health. I also have a group of women who have committed to being prayer warriors for each other's children this year. I am gifting them each a bracelet with the word "WARRIOR" on it as well."


Roseville, CA
"I have a friend and we have been friends for a long time. She is 14 years younger than me and I am often in awe that we are such close friends. This word “authentic” which means “true to one’s own personality, spirit or character” is for her."
"I wanted to describe friendship in one word for a special friend. This is my word to describe what her friendship means to me. I can trust her to be dependable, to like me in spite of my flaws, to keep our most private talks private and so on."


Bloomington, IN
By Grace
"Be grace through faith, this saying means a lot to me because it is a constant reminder of the Lord and his love for us and that through our faith we are so lucky to get to receive his grace!!!! That is such a powerful thing and I am so unbelievably blessed to know his love and can share in the comfort and joy that I get to have him as my father!"


Charleston, SC
Generous, Brave, Spirited, Veracious, Passionate, Striking, Passionate, Striking, Devoted, Dynamic
"This is part of my bridesmaid gift for my wedding in March! Each of the words was chosen to specifically describe one of the girls. Some of them I have known my entire life and some of them only a few years, but each has played such an important role in who I am today. They have all taught me something about love and laughter and there is no chance I would be where I am today without their support! With these bracelets I hope they have a daily reminder of how amazing they are and them impact they have had on my life!"


Charleston, SC
Salt &  light
"Matthew 5-7 is the Sermon on the Mount. The sermon is Jesus’ longest teaching and is made up of moral teachings that He taught to His followers. He teaches that the world without salt is bland, and without light is dark. To be a follower of Christ we must be the salt and light of Jesus on earth. We should live so fiercely for Christ that we should flavor every room we enter into with His spirit, and shine Jesus’ light into every corner of the darkened earth. This teaching is what guides my practice as a nurse. It always encourages me to strive to love and serve like Jesus in my personal and professional life. It reminds me to be bold and flavorful in my faith, and consistent in my journey with Christ so that my light may never dim on neither me, nor my patients."