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Milena Weber 
Irvine, CA
"I chose the Latin word for Bold. This is for my boyfriend as he graduates college and figures out where he’s going in life as a reminder when he puts on his work clothes every morning to be bold and confident in what he does and the decisions he makes.”


Hailee Logan
Franklin, MA
“Positive Attitude Changes Everything- A motto we have coined in relationship to my dad who passed away from Kidney Cancer in July 2019. JPH is included as those are his initials. He was a huge fan of christmas and the holiday season.”


Grace Snyder
San Clemente, CA
“My sister will forever be the strongest person i know”

Allison Hicks
South Boston, MA
N + E // 9.5. 20
“Ornament for soon to be in laws getting married next September!”


Colby Castruita
San Clemente, CA
“My boyfriend’s mother’s initials who passed when he was younger! One day i hope it will be a wedding day gift so she could be with us that day.”

Andrew Knight
Folsom, CA
“My wife and I got married at the end of November and coming into our first Christmas we both agreed to get just small presents for each other. I had heard of “Our Spare Change” before and I knew she would love the mission behind what they are doing. When thinking of the word for her, I was honestly torn between a few, but “STRONG” is what seemed to resonate with me. Allie is such a strong woman and that is why I love her. I know that she can do so much and I wanted to give her something that when life gets tough and she might not feel enough, she can look down and remember that she is strong and do anything.”

Corinne Hollister
San Diego, CA
Judson Edward Harrison // 10/5/19
“My bff just gave birth to her first child 2 months ago after years of struggle. So much struggle they arranged a surrogate to carry twins. Both of which are due to arrive next month! So party of 3 in 2020!! But for now we celebrate baby Judson♥️  


Chris Orphrey
Mount Pleasant, SC
PROM 8.17.19
“This was our first official date after reconnecting a friendship (and now more) that stems back  38 years to 1st grade”

Katie Dawson
Oklahoma City, OK
“This is a Christmas gift for my mom. Her mom (my grandma) passed away two weeks before daughter ,Lucy, was born. We named Lucy after my grandma. I wanted to get something for my mom that hopefully will symbolize both of them and their lives. My mom was an amazing daughter to her mom & she’s an AMAZING grandma now.”

Jessica Bera
Mesa, AZ
“For my sweet mama, and “MUMSY” to her grandbabies. She loves, serves and pours herself into her family and we’re so thankful for her!”


Brittany Tuscan
Castle Rock, CO
“I just entered into a difficult season. My boyfriend and I broke up and the transition has been challenging. Further up is the first part of C.S Lewis quote. The quote goes, “I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is my land and i have been looking for all my life though i never knew it till now...Come further up, come further in!’’ After a breakup, I want to know there is more, something deeper and sweeter ahead for my life.”


Anne Donnelly
San Clemente, CA
“My nieces initials :)”

Cait Mueller
Kansas City, MO
“This bookmark is for our mama. We choose steadfast because of her unyielding commitment to reading God’s word and being in prayer.”


Melissa Taylor
Newport Beach, CA
If you love me
“If you love and I love you, no knife can cut our love in two. My mom has always said this to me, and she is going through a very hard time currently. So I want her to always remember this.”


Starla Affatati
Highland, CA
Guardian Angel
“This is for my mom. She was told by her mom that her guardian angel was always watching over her. It means so much to her and she has a strong faith that her guardian angel is there to protect her.”

“My mom has always believed that if you have faith as small as the grain of a mustard seed that God will hear you and know what is in your heart.”


Janet Holahan
“I lost both of my parents this year and a very special friend played this song for me. The word reminds me to keep following his light and I will continue to be led to the path where I belong.”

Kelsey Benson
Fort Worth, TX
“It’s my nieces DOB- a gift for my sister in law!


James Barnes
Evans, GA
“My girlfriend is the greatest gift from God to me. I want her to know that she was first chosen by the King and second I would choose her again over and over again everyday. I love her with my entirety.” 

Lyndsie Gibson
Longmomt, CO
“To my bestest friend and future mrs. Parker! No words are enough to express how excited I am for you two. A small and shiny reminder of the exciting things you guys have coming up in the future! Happy Holidays love, lynds”


Reva Blitz
Chino Hills, CA
“This necklace is for our mom and the initials of our family members (plus our two dogs)”


Kira Nemeth
San Clemente, CA
“This is for my mom. This word is from John Wooden’s quote “Make everyday a masterpiece.” Her dad was a beloved basketball coach teacher, father, grandpa, brother, son and husband who passed away from cancer in 2011. He is my hero and my mother’s, and this quote was one that he would quote most often because John Wooden was his hero. Therefore, it is a tribute to my mom’s father, her hero.”


Ciara Paniagua
San Diego, CA
The Ongs // 12.12.19
“The love of my life and I will be tying the knot on December 12th. We have been through everything and then some, so we are absolutely ready to finally be one. I cannot wait to spend forever with my best friend!!!”

Emily Washburn
Winston Salem, NC
“My word for the year 2020 is grace. I aim to show grace to others through my words, by using words that are kind and gentle. I aim to show grace through my thoughts, seeking first to be compassionate above all else. I aim to show grace to myself, giving myself room to learn to fail and be okay with it and being kind with myself despite my circumstances.”

Susan Hudson
Hickory NC
"This cuff will be given to my friend Savannah who just graduated from Appalachian State University with her Bachelor’s Degree!" 

Jessica Postel
Cincinnati, OH
Chosen JAP
"This bracelet is for a 15 year old girl who is getting adopted after years in the foster care system :)"

Grace Finlay
Charleston, SC
"As long as it takes I struggle with patience, slowing down, taking rest, and the need for immediate answers. ALAT is my alternative to ASAP in this season, as a reminder that as long as it takes, the Lord is still working. As long as it takes, I will pray with confidence until He answers. Not everything has to happen right now. His timing is best."

Sara Tober 
Costa Mesa, CA
Psalms 46:5 “God is within her, she will not fail”

Perri Schwartzmen
Hoboken, NJ
"Strauss is my maternal grandpa’s (Opa’s) last name who I was lucky enough to grow up with my entire life. He is still a huge part of my life but was recently diagnosed with cancer. I currently wear a necklace that I don’t take off from my grandma on my paternal side and want one for my Strauss side too. Mostly, I’d love for him to know I’ll carry him with me. Thanks to Our Spare Change, I’ll make that known, all while buying from a company that constantly supports other important matters despite being a small business."

Maddisen Deutsch
Costa Mesa, Ca
"I asked my boyfriend to describe one word about our love/relationship and this is the word he picked. And I couldn’t think of a more perfect word!"

Sarah Ruffolo
Hoffman Estates, IL
I love you more than all the blades of grass in the world 
"Ever since I was little my mom and I would go back and forth saying how much we love each other and she would always say I love you more than the number of cars that are on the street, or more than all the grains of sand on a beach. & of course my favorite 'I love you more than all the blades of grass in the world'"


Caroline McCaughey
Soemrville, MA
Philippians 4:7
"We talk about God's winks a lot in my family - taking the time to recognize His works in our everyday life. This passage reminds us to look to faith when we are anxious - see the winks in life and let Him bring you peace. He winked at me really big when he brought my sister into my life. She is loving, witty, strong, vulnerable, compassionate. She is my best friend."


 Dari Goldman
Oceanside, CA
I love you a bushel and a peck
"As my beloved grandma, Renee turns 95 this April, we wanted to get her a meaningful gift to celebrate her and her beautiful life. Renee is a kind, loving spirit who reads almost 10 books a week! Her mind is as young as her spirit, and she is a gift to our family."


Christie Felker
Indianapolis,  IN
"After becoming a mom 10 years ago, then foster mom four years ago, and most recently adoptive mom, I realized I have been in a season of surviving. Restore means allowing God to restore my mental, emotional, and physical self to Him, my family, and for myself."


Kate Okaro
Benbrook, TX
"Our daughter Lennon was born on December 13, 2019 and it is a good reminder of how special she and the gift of being her parents. Roman numerals make it look cool!"


Grace Reckers
Mason, OH
"It means so much in so many situations. IF you believe you can do anything!"


Karri Kugler
Littleton, CO
"My niece has decided she wants to publicly proclaim her faith and all that Jesus has done in her life by getting baptized this day! I thought it would be fun to have a necklace for her to remember this day forever. I have also heard so many great things about this company and the people behind it so I thought it was a perfect fit!"


Mike Myers
San Clemente, CA
M + K
"M + K = Mike (husband) + Krosby (wife)"


Ryan Reda
San Jose, Ca
"Buying for my wife with our month old sons name"


Ashley Saul
Danville, PA
"These dates are my boys birthdates. We suffered many miscarriages before welcoming our two little guys into this world. I’ve been searching everywhere for a necklace like this."


Linda Zimerman
Dallas TX
Give me Jesus
"At my mother's funeral (she was 100 years old) the priest asked if anyone would like to sing over the grave site. He of course looked at my sister who is an opera singer and she said "i couldn't possibly but perhaps Nancy (our cousin who also had a beautiful voice and a professional Christian singer) could. Shocked Nancy said oh, well I will try because I love Aunt Gigi (my mom) so much. She stood up and asked what she should sing and the priest said "anything you want". She thought for one minute and started singing out the song "Give me Jesus". It was incredibly beautiful and moving. So special for us."


Carrah Bay
Fort Worth, TX
"I wanted to get one for my boyfriend for Christmas and missed them so I’m super glad they’re back in stock!! CTC are his initials and I can’t wait to give it to him!"

Ciara Ong
San Diego, Ca
"This is my husband’s name, he has been a rock in my life for a long time now."


Abbie Schmeling
Palatine, IL
19.3363° N, 72.1164° W
"These are the coordinates of Pignon, Haiti. My mom and I's most favorite place in the world. This place holds a special place in both of our hearts. Learned to love to in a different and deeper way here. Learned to be more grateful for the things I have and not dwell in the things I don't. I've seen first hand the joy that the people hold that can only come from the Lord and it is so humbling and incredible."


Cara Lee Crow
Springfield, MO
"This word, Tetelestai, meaning "it is finished" in greek, means so much to me. it reminds me of the sacrifice done for me on the cross, and the joy in knowing that i dont need to carry the weight of my sin anymore."


Zoe Morris
Greenwich, CT
"This is a gift for our roommate and best friend who got baptized on this date!!!!"


 Robin Hayes
Wayne, PA
"A gift for my best friend on the day of her baptism"


Lindsay Mosher
Chico, Ca
32°46'37.5"N 79°55'55.1"W
"We are from northern California and had planned our wedding in Charleston. These are the coordinates of courthouse where my husband and I eloped when Hurricane Florence was coming and we had to cancel our wedding."


Wendi Adonis
Moreno Valley, CA
K.A. 1/63-6/18
"Hey there! I met you lovely ladies at the makers arcade in San Diego this last December and bought a necklace from your shop that I haven’t taken off since. The reason for my words on this cuff is it is my mothers initials followed by the month/year she was born and the month/year she passed. 💜"


Anna Wilson
Mount Pleasant, SC
"July 4 2019 was the first time I said I love you to my boyfriend. He’s got a great opportunity in Asheville and we’re doing distance for a while. This ring symbolizes the power of love and how true love is patient and waits for Gods timing!:



Hannah Peterson
Pahrump, NV
s’adventurer sur
"This necklace is a gift for my sister's engagement. She recently got engaged in Paris, France, so I thought the French translation of "venture on" would be a lovely way to commemorate her next and best adventure into marriage!"


Sarabeth Sandweiss
Austin, TX
"It started when my younger sister kept singing the song "Baby Got Back" specifically the lyrics "Oh, my god, Becky, look at her butt, it's so big" and somehow the name 'Becky' stuck and we all started to use it jokingly when talking with one another (although none of us are blessed with big butts). Overtime as we grew up and moved out for college, my mom started to sign her texts to us with LUB - 'love you becky' and it caught on so it's our special three letter word. My sister and I have both been wearing gold chain necklaces for years similar to the one my dad has had since he was 16 so we thought it was time we got something special to have with our mom as a little we love you too 'becky' surprise!"


Ruth Neil
Greenville, SC
Proverbs 27:17
"I have a friend who is with me through thick and thin - most recently she was instrumental in planning and executing a wedding for my daughter. She was encouraging, positive, selfless and the most reliable person to call on. She walks in her faith outwardly, she loves deeply and her friendship to me is the greatest gift. She truly sharpens who i am and makes me a better person. Her friendship is a gift I treasure everyday and i want to let her know what she means to me!"


Mary Jo Kendall
Charlotte, NC
I Loff U
"Moving across the country, matching key chain with my dad :)"


 Reagan Tidd
Mount Airy, NC
Bear Witness
"'Bear witness' is my phrase for the year 2020. At this point it expresses my commitment to stand with the people around me offering my presence rather than advice, help, or suggestions. My desire is to discipline myself to honor everyone's story by receiving it and appreciating it."


Carrah, Bay
Fort Worth, TX
Keep Moving Forward
"Graduation gift for my sister who just got her Masters! She loves to read and this quote was from a speech at her graduation."


 Jacie Wolfe
Bourbonnais, IL
"This was my word for 2019. It means a lot to me to find joy in all circumstances and to find joy wherever the Lord led me last year."


Alexis Lawson
Spout Spring, VA
Tohu wabohu
"Without firm or void. Empty. God does His best work with empty. Right now my dreams of getting pregnant and being a mom seem very empty. Struggling to conceive has been hard but I am trying to remind myself daily that “God does His best with empty”


Moshelle Carlson
Ladera Ranch, CA
"Every year a pick a word that represents my focus for the year. This year I want to be a warrior in prayer, faith, in how a serve students in my new chosen profession, and my physical health. I also have a group of women who have committed to being prayer warriors for each other's children this year. I am gifting them each a bracelet with the word "WARRIOR" on it as well."


Caroline Prout
Roseville, CA
"I have a friend and we have been friends for a long time. She is 14 years younger than me and I am often in awe that we are such close friends. This word “authentic” which means “true to one’s own personality, spirit or character” is for her."
"I wanted to describe friendship in one word for a special friend. This is my word to describe what her friendship means to me. I can trust her to be dependable, to like me in spite of my flaws, to keep our most private talks private and so on."


Hanna Chait
Bloomington, IN
By Grace
"Be grace through faith, this saying means a lot to me because it is a constant reminder of the Lord and his love for us and that through our faith we are so lucky to get to receive his grace!!!! That is such a powerful thing and I am so unbelievably blessed to know his love and can share in the comfort and joy that I get to have him as my father!"


Alexandra Gilbert
Charleston, SC
Generous, Brave, Spirited, Veracious, Passionate, Striking, Passionate, Striking, Devoted, Dynamic
"This is part of my bridesmaid gift for my wedding in March! Each of the words was chosen to specifically describe one of the girls. Some of them I have known my entire life and some of them only a few years, but each has played such an important role in who I am today. They have all taught me something about love and laughter and there is no chance I would be where I am today without their support! With these bracelets I hope they have a daily reminder of how amazing they are and them impact they have had on my life!"


Lauren Leisure
Charleston, SC
Salt &  light
"Matthew 5-7 is the Sermon on the Mount. The sermon is Jesus’ longest teaching and is made up of moral teachings that He taught to His followers. He teaches that the world without salt is bland, and without light is dark. To be a follower of Christ we must be the salt and light of Jesus on earth. We should live so fiercely for Christ that we should flavor every room we enter into with His spirit, and shine Jesus’ light into every corner of the darkened earth. This teaching is what guides my practice as a nurse. It always encourages me to strive to love and serve like Jesus in my personal and professional life. It reminds me to be bold and flavorful in my faith, and consistent in my journey with Christ so that my light may never dim on neither me, nor my patients."