This Is Us

Our Story

"Nine years ago, while attending the same college in Charleston, South Carolina, my sister and I road tripped across the country. Throughout the drive, we talked about the difficulty of buying acssesories. As two very broke college students, we wanted to wear jewelry, but were so tired of buying low quality pieces from overseas that had no special meaning or purpose (and usually broke or tarnished after a few wears). Because we couldn't find any, we decided to create our own.

By that summer, in a tiny attic in Charleston, SC, “OUR SPARE CHANGE” was born..."

Our Mission


"No matter how your story develops, we believe your story is meant to be told for a reason. Created to spark connections and spread a little extra light, our metals are tailored to hold memories that encourage you to wear your heart on more than just your sleeve. These pieces remind us that we are all connected, intertwined with shared stories of love, loss, and life. Our artisans in San Clemente, CA handcraft jewelry that celebrates life and transcends through generations. Jewelry that shines while you shine brighter..."


We exist to give a voice to your most meaningful moments, memories, and milestones. By helping you share your story with your one of a kind piece of jewelry, we truly believe you can change the world! No matter how your story develops, we believe there is reason to share. When stories are told, empathy is built, trust is formed, connection is made, and the way we see the world is shaped.

Stories From The Last 9 Years
HOPE "Simply and honestly I am grateful - a lot has changed in my life over the last five years, and given these changes I feel freedom that I never imagined that I would feel. This freedom is beautiful and liberating. Given these positive changes in me and with the love and support of my family - I have made the positive and personal decision to legally change my name. My name, HOPE reflects the person that I have become."
— Colleen [Dousman WI] 2015
BE BOLD "Just started back to school after 20 years and I have done it terrified every step of the way! This is my reminder to continue to be bold and walk in paths that are unclear to get the full blessings from God!"
— Lisa [Mount Pleasant SC] 2016
NINA "My mom is the greatest grandmother to 5 beautiful babies. When she found out about the eldest one, she chose Nana as what she wanted the grandkids to call her. Well, nana was a little too difficult for the first grandbaby to pronounce and Nina was the closest he could get to it. Grandchildren change your life, and evidently, the name you pick, too. I think it’s safe to say that Nina is my mom’s favorite name yet."
— Tiffany [Charleston, SC] 2017
HONEY "We’re telling my husband's parents they are going to be grandparents again with this ornament! The kids call her Honey."
— Mariah [Glenpool OK] 2018
HE IS MY REFUGE AND FORTRESS, MY GOD, IN WHOM I TRUST. PSALM 91:2 "One of my four brothers past away this year. This will be the first Christmas without him. My brother Jordan was a warrior. Surviving 8 open heart surgeries, in and out of the hospital his whole life. He would send us this verse in times of trouble, encouraging us that God is with us. I am getting this ornament for my brother and sister-in-law who were very encouraged when Jordan sent this to them when they were going through a hard time."
— Megan [Costa Mesa CA] 2019
STRONGER "IVF almost broke us in every way but made us stronger in the end. Expecting our first baby girl April 2020!"
— Alyssa [Oakley, CA] 2020
NATALIE'S FIRST CHRISTMAS 2021 "My husband and I are foster parents and we have two infants placed with us this Christmas! It will be the first Christmas for both of them so we want to mark the occasion!"
— Misty [San Antonio TX] 2021
EAE "I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42. The Mila necklace was a gift right before my double mastectomy as a reminder of who I was fighting for. The letters are my 3 kids’ initials: E- Emery Davis, A-Amelia Jane and EAE- Eve Anna Elise."
— Scot [Lake Forest CA] 2022
AINSLEIGH MICHELLE "Our sweet baby girl was born on April 23, 2023 at 27 weeks. She sent 13 days in the NICU and passed away on May 6, 2023. She was a fighter and was so loved! She will be missed every day."
— Abbey [Washington, NC] 2023
ALWAYS "A sweet reminder for my mom on my wedding day. Thank you for always loving me, for always supporting me, for always encouraging my craziest ideas, and for always being my biggest supporter."
— Brianne [San Clemente, CA] 2024


In September 2023, we opened up our very first flagship store and workshop in the heart of San Clemente, CA, our hometown.

Come visit us for in person shopping, permanent jewelry by appointment, and exclusive community events. We offer hundreds of ready-made products, permanent and customizable jewelry on site, and a team of stylists to help curate your look in our very own studio. The best part? All of our handcrafted pieces are created here by our incredible team of female artisans.

Thank you!


We are so thankful. We couldn’t do a single thing without the incredible community behind us and the Lord making this path clear. To our amazing team, family, roommates, friends and all our supporters and customers from afar, THANK YOU. Thank you for loving us as we walk through this crazy world of entrepreneurship. We can’t wait for all the years to come. ✨


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