Girl Mom Charm Necklace


Embrace your role as a proud Girl Mom with our exclusive charm necklace. Handcrafted with delicate details, this necklace symbolizes the love and bond between you and your daughter with a set of intricate girl charms. 

- Includes Mama Charm, Comb Charm, Ballet Slipper Charm, Hanger Charm, Ribbed Bow Charm, Bubble Heart Charm

- Three Different Chain Choices

- Crafted with 14K Gold Filled Chain and Charms.

- Handmade with love from San Clemente, CA.

BYO Charm Bracelet Bundle Here!

BYO Charm Necklace Bundle Here!

Shipping and Processing Times

Because each piece of jewelry we sell is handcrafted and custom, please allow for 3 to 4 business days in “creation” and processing time before your order is shipped out. 

(During Holiday, Launches, and Sales please allow for 4 to 7 business days for your order to ship.)